10 years with NutraQ

It is fantastic to work with something as valuable as Zulufadder. From time to time we do encounter challenges, but they have been resolved continuously.

We have achieved SO much since we started in 2004 – and it is thanks to our loyal child sponsors and donors! Without you, no Zulufadder. As simple as that!


Can you really thank people enough? And does anyone get TIRED of being thanked? When we look at the list of people and companies that STILL help us, we are humble and happy.

This year we celebrate 10 years of collaboration with NutraQ!

ONE company stands out in particular, and that is NutraQ. They have helped us with a total of three million Norwegian kroner over TEN YEARS (by October 2020)! Without them, we would not have been able to develop Gratton School – which today is the area’s best and most popular school.


These projects have become a reality with the help of NutraQ:



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