5 quick questions for Mari Maurstad

1. What is your background?

  • I am an actress at the National Theater in Oslo. Mother of three. And much more.

2. What is your connection to Zulufadder?

  • I founded Zulufadder after a holiday trip to South Africa in 2004. A meeting with Aurelia, a local, elderly woman who already had a soup kitchen for the children made all the difference. I understood that I could trust her. Then I started fundraising in Norway. I traveled back to South Africa with Silvia, who then built up the organization and who still runs Zulufadder even today. Now we are focusing more on education.

3. What is your current goal?

  • To help the poorest children with food and education. And not least to be able to maintain Gratton, the school we have built, at a high level. As well as finding a few stable sponsors, which means that we can help more people with higher education. I would also like to make Zulufadder less dependent on my efforts.

4. What is your life motto?

  • I have no life motto. But I see that the road is created while walking and you have to understand what is important and seize the opportunities when they come.

5. What makes you stand out in a crowd?

  • I do not know if I stand out in this particular context. I’ve just been lucky. Met the right people at the right time. Silvia and Nick have been running Zulufadder locally in South Africa. I have used the channels I have had available to create buzz and raised money. Fate and hard work have taken us to where we are today.