Corona and other news

The Corona virus

There are Corona times in South Africa as well. The state has imposed strict restrictions on closed airports and lock downs, initially for three weeks. It is only allowed to shop for food and medicines, or go to the doctor. We are very happy that the restrictions came so quickly, and perhaps prevent a bigger outbreak as we see in parts of the world.

Home office

Our project manager in South Africa, Silvia, is using her home office. The office is open as usual and if you have any questions or comments you can send us an email or a message on Messenger.

Our field workers have been told to stay at home, but will continue with updates of the children when it is safe to move out again.


All gifts to the children purchased before the lock down was put into effect (March 26) have been given out and photos have been sent out. New gifts will be given as soon as the situation is under control and we can move around again.

New sponsor children

Zulufadder has recently changed the way we operate. We focus more on education and less on food rations. This means that some of you have got a new sponsor child. You can log into our website for more information about your sponsor child: (use your e-mail address to re-set your password).

Food parcels

Some of the Zulufadder families cannot do without the monthly food ration from us. With our new system, the selected families receive more food than before and this allows them to concentrate on covering other necessary things such as electricity, toiletries and transport for the money they have available themselves. These families are VERY grateful and are sending big thanks all the way to sponsors overseas!

In the future, we divide the food distribution over several days so that fewer people will gather in one place at the same time.


Some that are are also very thankful are our higher education students. They would not have been given the opportunity to study if the support from Zulufadder was not available. We currently have 45 students and they study a number of different things. See the list here.

“Everyone wants to go to Gratton”

It feels a bit like that, and we are very pleased with that. We have done very well and now we have to reject students. We are already receiving applications for school starting in January 2021. In particular, our high school is popular. This year we have a total of 450 students and over 40 employees.

In 2019, we had our first high school graduation class, and Gratton became the school in the district with the best results. All the students managed 100% results. It’s not often we boast, but we are very proud of this result!

The School of Architecture and Design in Oslo

Students from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) have been working for Zulufadder lately and have designed a great classroom, and they were supposed to come to South Africa and build it themselves. We are very sorry that the Corona virus has put an end to the visit, but we will make sure that the classroom is built anyway! The students have raised money, and now we are working with Rotary International to help us with the rest. Rotary has a scheme where they give an extra 50% to all funds raised, and Rotary in Sogndal, in collaboration with other clubs, has already fund raised a good deal of the money. Maybe there will be two great classrooms 🙂

Oslo School of Architecture and Design - Classroom design for Zulufadder/Gratton
Draft of the new classroom for Gratton

We already see a need to build our own separate high school, and have begun planning around this. Among other things, a Master’s student from AHO will design the school as her Master’s thesis project. There are major costs involved in building an entire school, and we are dependent on finding sponsors for this project. More information will come later, but if this is a project you or your company/organization may want to support, feel free to contact us right now.

Building houses

We are currently building house number 56. There was a sudden stop in the building process when we got the lock down, but we are back on track as soon as possible. Right now we have money to build two more houses. The South African government has a construction project that has given homes to 1,000s of families, and many of our families have also benefited from this.

More: Photos and info house 55


Slowly but surely our new website is coming into place. A lot of it is things YOU can’t see, but that is needed to keep track of children, sponsors, payments, gifts, projects, etc.


We have created our own fundraising campaign on Vipps to support families who are experiencing problems due to the Corona virus. The money will go to families who need food. Currently, we do not know anyone who is affected by the virus itself, but the lock down provides the same austerity as in other parts of the world: People lose their jobs (layoffs are not common, in South Africa they lose their jobs, and NAV (ie similar) does not exist).

Norway donations: Vipps number 10400.
International donations:

We also want to mention that our main sponsor, NutraQ, wants to get on board to help during this crisis.

Thank you so much for supporting us! These are tough times everywhere. Help yourself and your family first!

Stay safe! Wash hands and keep your distance.

Greetings from Mari and Silvia