Did you think about…

A few weeks ago it was my birthday and I am well beyond middle of life (as I am quite sure I will never make it to 128 years). Then it suddenly struck me: “Help, maybe I should write a will!”

Not that I think death is already waving, but it can come on abruptly! Therefore, I thought: “My children will not suffer any hardship, but what about the Zulufadder children!?”

Only I, together with Silvia and Nick, run the project! And the vast majority of sponsors are Norwegian. What will happen to the Zulu children, to the Gratton school, to all the hopes for a good future for them?

There and then I decided that Zulufadder must be included in my will! I guess I should have done it a long time ago, but better late than never!

At the same time I thought – “What if MORE people could donate an amount of money in their wills?” Maybe a cruel and rude thought! Or maybe NOT?

That our faithful sponsors, who have followed us so closely for many years, will ALSO be HAPPY to be able to give an amount, small or large, because they know that it can give the Zulu children an opportunity for a GREAT life; with a good education and a good job, thanks to US!

Just a stray thought, from me to you.

Kind regards from Mari – founder of Zulufadder