Letter from a student

Dear sponsor, 

Reflecting on my life, I realize how hard it would have been without your support. I am a confident and lively young lady, always ready to make new friends. I can list a lot of improvements I have had the past few years.

If I were writing this about 7 years ago, none of the above characteristics would have been counted. Gratton school did not only give me the best education but it helped me discover all my talents and most importantly my personality. I would not been able to attend Gratton if it wasn’t for my sponsorship. 

You granted me a lot of opportunities, opened a lot of doors and gave me every reason to think and do better for myself, you motivated me to never settle for less. You gave me every reason to dream big and pursue my dreams. Overall you taught me the importance of lending a hand and giving where you can.

Writing this I cannot stop smiling to myself. As distanced as we are you have impacted my life positively more than those who are just a feet away.
My gratitude can never be enough, but they are always a motivation to make you and myself proud. I want the world to be a reflection of your good work in me.

I hope this finds you well, I love you ❤️

Reply from the sponsor:

Thank you so much for this ❤️
There were both goosebumps and a few tears in the corner of my eye here. Such a nice young lady! This is exactly what makes me choose to be a sponsor and to support Zulufadder. I know exactly where the money goes, and now I can see the real result of all the years I have sponsored xxx. It’s so nice to see that she’s at university, that she’s radiant and feeling good.

Thanks again,
Lisbeth ❤️