Looking back | Doremi kindergarten

Doremi kindergarten – built in 2006

DOREMI kindergarten was sponsored and built by two young men, Fredrik and Håvard, from the Doremi kindergarten in Fredrikstad (Norway). They worked from morning to night for eight days and Zulufadder’s very first project was a reality. The kindergarten is still in full operation 😍

Here is a collection of archive photos and some of the photos have never been published before!

2008 – New and bigger kindergarten

In 2008, we received support from the Rotary Foundation (both Norwegian and international clubs), and a local  shoe project to build a brand new kindergarten. The kindergarten was already so popular that there was not enough room for all the children in the first building we set up.

2017 – Refurbishment of the kindergarten

We buy a lot of clothes and gift cards from a South African clothing chain called Mr Price. They wanted to give something back and we chose to refurbish the kindergarten. In addition, the company sponsored a new outdoor roof so that Popi and the children can be outside in all kinds of weather.


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