Matric 2019 = 100% pass rate

Last year, our first Matric class wrote their final examinations. A lot of work and support had been provided to make sure that they do well. Many of our learners faced a variety of difficulties and challenges that would have held them back had they not chosen to work hard, believe in themselves and motivate each other.

It is with pride that we announce  that against all odds, our Matric class of 2019 achieved a 100% pass rate with quality results . They attained a 100% pass rate in English Home language, IsiZulu FAL, Physical Sciences, Business Studies, History, Tourism, Computer Applications Technology, Life Orientation and Mathematics Literacy an 83% pass in Geography, 80% in Pure Mathematics and a 75 % in Economics.

The school pays tribute to all teachers, parents, board members and most importantly to the learners themselves who have made us proud in our first attempt at Matric. It is our hope that besides these very good academic results, our learners take away so many other values that  the school emphasised  upon during their school years – critical thinking, honesty, diligence, gratitude, generosity and Ubuntu, among others.

We wish them the best in their future endeavors.