New bedroom

Zulufadder receives a lot of nice emails. And occasionally the email is pleasantly surprising as well! We have around 900 sponsors and it has remained stable for a long time. It is absolutely superb!

Sometimes emails come from people who are not sponsors, but who still wants to support a child. A very nice lady wrote that she would like to turn a specific boy’s room into a beautiful place. The lady, who is very interested in interior design, describes his new  bedroom; paint one wall with a different color, the bed, the alarm clock, the laundry basket, the hooks on the wall. It is such a beautiful idea, and when we get such nice assignments, we do what we can to make it nice 🙂

The boy and his family were very surprised! First the painter appears and paints ONE wall yellow. Then we show up with the furniture – a new bed and bedding, desk, chest of drawers, solar cell lamp (the family does not have electricity), mirrors, etc.

Most homes in the rural areas are quite similar. The neighbors will show up to have a look – they have never seen such a room!

Thank you so much for this aesthetic experience!