Education fund – University


The Zulufadder Education Fund is an ongoing project to support students at universities and colleges, and in 2020 we are supporting 45 students.

In 2020 we have 20 girls and 20 boys at the university level. In addition, we have 5 students at college (2 girls and 3 boys).

In 2013, we had our first two students at university level. Given (geology) and Minenhle (chemistry + qualifying as a teacher) led the way, and every year more and more students meet the requirements. Both Given and Minenhle currently have permanent jobs.

Students know that they can get support from Zulufadder and work hard to reach their goals. We especially see that the girls have done well in recent years and we are very happy about that!

We currently have two students on doing their Master studies (Town Planning and HR).