Riots in South Africa


Riots in South Africa

During this last week, there have been major riots in the South African provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

Eshowe (KwaZulu-Natal), the home of Zulufadder, has been hit hard. Shopping malls, all kinds of shops and warehouses have been smashed and looted and some have been set on fire.

The last few days have been marked by many thoughts, both about the immediate danger and the long-term prospects:

  • Is it safe to stay here?
  • Will everyone have enough food in the coming weeks and months?
  • What about Zulufadder? Will we get through this so we can continue our work?
  • What about Gratton – our school? Will students have to quit because they can not pay tuition?
  • Can we pay salaries to teachers and other employees, or will they end up on the list of the many thousands who have lost their jobs?
  • The important thing now is that the South African people are standing together and want the riots and looting to end. The clean-up has started, plans for re-construction are underway, shops that have not been looted are open for a few hours every day, and organizations distribute food.

Optimism has already taken over. We can do this – together!

What happens now

  • The store that has been delivering food parcels to our families since 2007 has been completely smashed and looted. We do not know how long it will take before they are in in business again. On Friday morning, a number of people came together and cleaned up, and the little food that was left in the store was given to those who helped.
  • Gratton is closed until July 26 (Covid lockdown due to high infection rate, combined with winter holidays). We cannot open the boarding hostels until we have access to food.

Every little helps

If you want to help Zulufadder, we have set up a food fund – we buy food and distribute it as soon as it is available.

All of us who run Zulufadder in Eshowe are doing well and, even though the situation has been very difficult, we look ahead with optimism and hope!

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