Zulufadder Clothing


All the Zulufadder children are assisted with full uniform costs with the help of their sponsors. In 2012 we established our own sewing center.  In May 2014, we were actually able to move the center right on the premises of Gratton School.  The majority of the uniforms manufactured are distributed to our students. However, we do accept bulk orders from other schools in the area.  Companies have even started sending in orders to manufacture uniforms and golf shirts.  The center has also started to sew other things, including bags which are then given up for sale.

We have children in over 40 different schools and each school of course requires their own uniform.

What is amazing about this project is that the employees are former Zulufadder children, in addition to a couple Zulufadder mothers. They received training on how to use the industrial sewing machines and have become very proficient!

In the future we hope to increase efficiency and the rates of production so they can sew uniforms to sell for other children and schools.

Thank you very much for your support!