Zulufadder House


We have opened a new boarding house for Gratton school: “Zulufadder House”

In 2012 and 2015 we opened our first two boarding houses at Gratton. About 80 boys and girls live at the school during school terms. The learners sponsored by Zulufadder took up more than half of the beds, and we had to turn many other students away from the school since we didn’t have enough space at the boarding houses.

From January 2021, Gratton school and Zulufadder have taken over the property of Zulufadder project managers Silvia and Nick in Eshowe. They have been running a local Bed & Breakfast for 11 years and have a beautiful environment for children to grow up in. The children will get help with schoolwork, nutritious food, time to relax in nice surroundings, and learn to swim in the pool.

Since December 2020 parts of the house have been turned upside down to install more toilets and showers. Bunk beds are provided, new duvets and linens are ready.


All former employees are keeping their jobs – that was important in the process, and they are now undergoing training in what is expected.

Cyclone Eloise

The outer edge of the cyclone Eloise hit us the night after we had installed four new underground septic tanks. Lots of rain made the empty septic tanks float in the mud … The plumber was not in a good mood the next day – but he took it all with a smile in the end 😅


Only students who are supported by Zulufadder will stay at the new boarding house. This frees up many places at the boarding house that is at Gratton school, and that in turn means more income for the school since we can fill up with more paying students.

Thank you so much for all the support!

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