Summer news from Zululand

Published June 28, 2020

Dear sponsors,

South Africa and Norway have exactly the same temperature now – and it is mid-WINTER in the south. But it is considerably colder at night in Zululand! Let’s send warm thoughts to the children sleeping on the floor on a straw mat in 6 degrees Celsius.

Corona virus update

We get many questions about the situation in South Africa. It is so great to know that you care! Our work is LIFTED by you! So thank you very much!

Here’s a small update on the situation:

As of June 28, 2020:

  • 131 800 infected
  • 2413 died
  • 67094 recovered
  • Most people infected are in the areas around Cape Town and Johannesburg. The reason is probably that they live much closer together and it is difficult to keep the distance. There are currently very few infections in our area in Zululand.
  • Face masks are mandatory when moving in public, and people are generally very good at this.
  • The public schools opened on June 8 for the 7th and 12th grades, which are the graduation classes in primary and secondary schools. The rest of the classes will return in phases until August. The South African school year is reverse from Norway, and the end of the year is December 15.

Gratton school

Gratton School opened (for the aforementioned classes) on June 1, one week BEFORE the public schools. We have since opened up for another five classes and as long as we stay infectious free we will open up new classes every week.

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New classrooms

We have decided to build two new classrooms in the coming months in order to expand the school as planned from January 2021. We already have HUGE interest from new students wanting to come to Gratton next year! Students from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) have designed the classrooms, they are very nice and are sponsored by NutraQ, the students at AHO, and private sponsors.

We have sent an application to Rotary International to cover everything from desks, iPads and software. We are eagerly waiting to hear what they say. JOIN the crowdfunding if you want (please contact us) ?

New Zulufadder office

During the Corona period, we have set up our own Zulufadder office at Gratton. There is plenty of room at school, and since we spend a lot of time at school, it makes sense to have your own place. The office is built of two old containers and has space for our fairly overcrowded store room.

Updates for children and students

We are constantly working to update all the children. Many are already updated, and over the next few weeks, the goal is for all our sponsors to get new info and a new image. Please check your e-mail, even though it’s summer! Thank you to everyone who have has been giving gifts to the children!

Extra food

We just have to say THANK YOU to our main sponsor NutraQ and other sponsors who gave us extra funds to distribute food during the lock-down! We were also able to give food for families who are not in the project, but who needed it during these times. The locals have really appreciated the help! SIYABONGA KAKHULU! Guess what it means ? (= Thank you very much!)

We are building house number 56

The South African state has built many houses for the people in recent years. We have some families that REALLY need a new house, but aren’t on the state lists. But thanks to our generous sponsors we are almost done with house number 56. Currently we have got funding for two more houses. Several families are still in need of a new house, so PLEASE do not hesitate to contact us if you want to help!

The corona has turned our lives upside down. Many have lost something or someone, but maybe many have found something too. A presence, an eye opener, a change of pace, a joy in helping. The little things, in nature, in silence. We at Zulufadder have experienced great generosity and consideration. We feel deep gratitude for everyone helping out!

Summer greetings from Mari Maurstad
(Zulufadder founder)