The schools re-open

In early June, Gratton school opened its doors again after the Corona lock-down, and the graduation classes (7th and 12th grades) were the first to return. During June, most of the classes have returned, and if we don’t get the virus into the school, the entire school will be open soon.

We have the world’s most dedicated principal and teachers who have worked hard throughout the lock-down period. All students have had access to homework and assignments via the “WhatsApp” app. Many of our ZULUFADDER students do not have a access to the Internet or have a smartphone at home. But neighbours and relatives have helped with access to the internet so that the students could do their school assignments.

Pupils and teachers at PUBLIC schools have not done any school work since mid-March, and are probably lagging behind.

Our school has become a kind of “favorite” at the local education office after ALL of our students passed their exams in 2019! HURRAY!! They have provided us with disinfectants and temperature gauges. The temperature is measured several times daily and ALL rooms are disinfected regularly during the day.

Students, teachers and other staff must wear face masks, and social distancing has become part of everyday life.

Now that almost the whole school is back, we do not have enough space for all the students to be at school at the same time (due to rules for distance in the classrooms). This has been solved by half of the students coming Monday-Wednesday-Friday, and the other half are coming Tuesday and Thursday.

The matriculation classes are at school every day, and exams will be written in November/December.