Top students

One can never get enough GOOD NEWS, and the evidence that Zulufadder, with our fantastic and faithful sponsors, make a big difference, are plenty.

The top students at Gratton school are sponsored by Zulufadder

Among the 500 students attending Gratton School this year, 56 come from Zulufadder. Some were found by our field workers because things were not great at home. Others because they did very well at their local school, but without the financial opportunity to go to a better school.

Without our sponsors, their life would be very different. But look at them NOW! The Zulufadder learners are the top students in their respective classes!

By October 2021: 27 girls and 5 boys have above 75% average! The Gratton principal and we are very impressed!

THIS is THANKS to the support from you – our sponsors who are making this possible!

If the children had been at the rural schools, their lives would have been quite different. They are dependent on good teachers and we have many of them at Gratton.

We have bought new laptops for them. It is also an important key now that the world has become fully digital. We follow all our children closely at our new boarding school, and together we are their helpers to a good life.

And there is nothing to do but shout a big HURRAY and THANK YOU!


Gratton school