Warm hearts ❤️

Dear sponsors,

It is impossible not to be affected by the war in Ukraine. Millions of innocent people suffer and are scared because of ONE man. At the same time, we see an enormous care and giving among all the people that want to help. Worldwide! It’s so incredibly nice! And this is exactly the response and action we recognize from Zulufadders contributors as well! We are lucky too!

Thanks to just you, we have managed to maintain the capacity to help our Zulu children since we started in 2005. Back then we were fighting HIV/AIDS. During the years, several thousand children have received food, medicine and schooling. In the difficult Covid era, we have also received extra support from you. The same thing when the shops were smashed and looted less than a year ago. How would it have gone without you? I hope you understand how important you are!

We are proud to have so many great sponsors with us, which makes the future of everyone who needs help look brighter! Without this generosity and consideration, the world would look much uglier. So this is a tribute to you!

We now send hope, strength and good thoughts to all the people who are afraid, and a big thank you to everyone that is helping.

Warm regards,
Mari ❤️
(Zulufadder founder)