Zulufadder 2020

It’s summer and hot in South Africa now, so Santa’s beard is sticking to his chin. But the children do not need a kind Santa, because they have kind sponsors from a place they have hardly heard of.

EDUCATION can not be wrapped in glossy paper, but is still the BEST GIFT to receive. Whether it’s Christmas or not. And education in particular is something we are investing heavily in now, and many of our children are getting a good education both at Gratton school and at the country’s universities. We have students at universities all over South Africa, and they study everything from analytical chemistry, public administration, interior design and electrical engineering. See the full list of studies

During the Covid-19 lockdown, we received enormous help for people who were short of food. Our main sponsor, NutraQ, donated a large sum that allowed us to give out extra food rations. We are incredibly grateful for that!

We have had a dream of rebuilding an old shed at Gratton school into two modern classrooms, and these days this is becoming a reality! The classrooms will be ready for the start of school at the end of January. It’s amazing how great and generous contributors we have. Read more about this great project

Despite the lockdown and strict rules, the children at Gratton School have also received instruction via the internet. Of course, many do not have electricity in the poorest areas (some do not even have electricity), but then neighbors and friends WITH electricity and Internet have been helpful. In addition, Gratton was one of the schools that opened first, and has been 100% operational since June 1.

The good thing is that “EVERYONE” wants their children to attend Gratton. The school is in the “Top 10” when it comes to the final exams, among hundreds of schools in the district. Because there is so much demand from the local community, we have now expanded the school. Earlier this year, two houses converted into several classrooms on a beautiful plot nearby, and the foundation phase is now learning there.

There are still children and young people who need help in the rural districts. We help THEM too. With food and other necessities. But fortunately, times have improved. Many live in better houses built by the municipality. Zulufadder has so far built 57 houses. And we do not stop helping people, as long as it is needed. And many thanks to YOU ​​who help us to help! And give all these great, beautiful, talented, and fun kids a NICE LIFE!

Towards the end of the year, as usual, it became very busy with Christmas gift packing and handing out. Virtually all gifts have now been given to the children and photos have been sent to the sponsors. Thank you so much for all the contributions – the children and families greatly appreciate this extra gesture from known and unknown friends on the other side of the globe.

Then all that remains is to wish a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a BETTER NEW YEAR!

Regards from Mari and Silvia 💖

See photos from the Christmas gift distribution